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Discover … Crowdsourcing!

Wow, I just found out about this technique, and it really resonates with thoughts I’ve had in the past … It actually links pretty well on my Master’s thesis on Communities of Practice!

But what is “crowdsourcing”?

The definition I like best is from Bnet

Crowdsourcing is a technique used to translate the enthusiasm of your most highly-engaged customers into valuable marketing, branding, or product-development insight . It gives you an opportunity to harness the intelligence of customers that love your business, talk about your business, and better yet, will do free work for your business in today’s increasingly democratic, user-generated, social-networked, marketplace.

Another definition can be found on Wikipedia, but it does not seem to be a fully recognized one … 

In the same vein of idea, I also like this FLIRT model:


What I like in these ideas is that they combine two concepts that I believe in:

– first, by linking people who have a common interest/idea/passion, and by giving them the tools to discuss their point of view, you’re actually multiplying their creative potential. Besides, the ideas that come out of these discussions are usually easier to put in place since you already have “everybody’s” buy-in …

– the second concept is a simple one, albeit never really done the right way; listen to your customers! Who else would know better what the market is really looking for?

I’d be interested to read some comments on this topic!


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2 thoughts on “Discover … Crowdsourcing!

  1. Excellent idea, and way to look at the concept of “Customer Satisfaction”, or “listen to the Voice Of the Customer”!
    It looks like a very dynamic way to see business.

    For me, one of the most powerful tools to get customer advise is… listen to him, and link that to common sense!!!

    However, I would be curious to see if some tools/more detailed techniques are existing on this subject.

    Posted by David | 9 March, 2007, 1:25 pm
  2. David => what do you mean by “tools/detailed techniques”? On what subject; crowdsourcing or VOC?

    Posted by barthox | 9 March, 2007, 2:09 pm
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