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Social Marketing for the … francophones!

This article will be in French since it proposes a way to translate ‘Social Marketing’ in French .. Si vous êtes lecteur de ce blog, il y a de fortes chances que vous soyez familier avec la notion de “Social Marketing” (en anglais dans le texte!), c’est à dire le fait pour une entreprise d’être … Continue reading

Great video on why using social media to tell your story

RealWire has released a great video explaining why it is important for companies to use the web for their communication in addition to the more traditional medias (newspapers, radio, TV, …) Here it is [Edit] WordPress keeps messing up any html code I include in my posts, so you’ll have to go on Vimeo to … Continue reading

Marketing vs Marketing – I’m not the one saying it!

I found earlier today a great article (in French) in my Google Reader, that goes exactly in the same direction as my little rant on the misuse of the term ‘Marketing’. This article has been written by Gautier Girard on his blog on Entrepreunership. What so great about it, beside the topic with which I … Continue reading

Marketing Vs Marketing

Ask anyone to tell you what they believe Marketing is, and the most likely answer that you will get is “Creating ads” … sigh Look for a job using the words “Marketing” or “Marketing Manager” on Monster or any other job search site, and you most likely will find ads like this one; Sigh I … Continue reading